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 cell phone repair service

Here at Viewtech, we can come to the rescue when disaster strikes with your cell phone, with our exceptional Cell phone repair service. We are the repairs and support All cell phone and we run one of the biggest mobile phone repair facilities in Michigan . so you can get your phone fixed or replaced faster . However, if you think your phone has a fault, we can repair both hardware and software problems. We can repair handsets that are not insured by us. If you have insured your handset through Geek Squad, you can quickly and easily submit a claim using our

Refurbished Cell Phone

Whether aesthetic or mechanical, sometimes the phones and other devices we receive need to go through the refurbishing process. Inside and out, our own expert refurbishing department processes our devices so that they both look, and work, as good as new. Once a device has gone through the refurbishing process. We also sell phones that are factory refurbished. Factory refurbished devices are processed the same way but we receive them already repaired from the original company