This repair includes parts, installation, and a 30 day warranty.Sam condition with no physical or water damage.

Viewtech  can repair any and all touch screen cell phones. We disassemble the cell phone and
replace the touch screen digitizer
part. You will keep all information on the
cell phone nothing is lost. On select smart phones the glass is connected with
the lcd, and for this we use a specialized heat gun in order to separate the
lcd and the digitizer and repair the glass portion. Some touch screens also
have a proximity sensor that detects how far away objects are, and we will test
this pre and post repair. By replacing/fixing the digitizer we sometimes have
to replace the proximity sensor. ​

Viewtech  wireless can repair basic flips phone lcd's all the way up to the most expensive smart phone on the market. Any LCD size big or small, we do it all. We disassemble the cell phone, and replace the lcd. Sometimes this does take use of a specialized heat gun in order to properly disassemble the parts. Some cell phones also need disordering in order to properly remove the lcd. We will take the appropriate steps in order to ensure the lcd is replaced properly

Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry,  Motorola, LG, Palm, Nokia, Sony, AT&T and T-Mobile Cell 



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Whether aesthetic or mechanical, sometimes the phones and other devices we receive need to go through the refurbishing process. Inside and out, our own expert refurbishing department processes our devices so that they both look, and work, as good as new. Once a device has gone through the refurbishing process are factory refurbished. Factory refurbished devices are processed the same way but we receive them already repaired from the original company



Vtrepair can repair any hinge or any flex cable on any cell phone. The process is similar to other repairs that the first step is to
disassemble the cell phone. On cell phones with hinges it requires a total disassemble which means that every part is opened, andafter the repair the cell phone is rebuilt from the ground up. After the part is replaced in the cell phone we test the hinge by opening and​​closing it numerous times. 

Flex Cable Hinge Repair

Viewtech has trained technicians. For microphone replacement we carefully remove the microphonethrough a heating process. We replace the microphone with our part and use heat syncing to properly attach thepositive and negative connections. For earpiece replacement we carefully remove the earpiece by first disassemblingthe cell phone and replacing the earpiece with our part. This sometimes requires soldering or lead generating. Forspeakerphone replacement it is very similar to the repair process for an earpiece

Microphone Earpiece Speakerphone Replacement

Charge Port Repair

Viewtech  has micro soldering experts. The process of repairing a charge port requires steady hand and soldering work under a microscope. We remove the old/damaged charge port and carefully solder on a new one. If the charge port leads are not visible then this is most times not repairable. The leads are visible 95% of the time, but sometimes the damage is too much and can only be

Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

LCD Replacement

Broken LCD screens and lenses (cracked, bleeding, black or white screens)
Charging problems (damaged charging and usb ports)
Staticky, crackling speakers and microphones (can’t hear or be heard?)
Malfunctioning buttons, trackballs and keypads (repeated or skipped numbers)
Malfunctioning sim card readers (error message when you insert SIM card)
Software problems, upgrades and reflashing (login problems or freezing)

We diagnose and repair GSM ​and CDMA cell phones,

Full Service Android and i Phone Repair or REFURBISHED DEVICES and LCD Screen Repairs!